Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival


A new season and a new approach. After 18 years BFMAF is moving to a new date, 3 – 5th March 2023. Find out more here.

To better understand the reasons behind this date change please read our Festival Statement




Entry guidelines

Please ensure your work meets the following criteria before entering:

  • Completed in 2021 or 2022 and entered before the relevent deadline below
  • No previous or scheduled UK film festival screenings before 11 September 2022
  • Feature films must not have been theatrically released in the UK before September 2022
  • All works in a language other than English must be subtitled in English


  1. Tuesday 8 March:  For films completed in 2021
  2. Monday 11 April: For films completed in 2022

The online form must be completed, payment made, and a full-length copy of the work must be supplied via a web link (using the online form).

The Festival will inform all artists and filmmakers on the selection status of their film by the end of July.

The Festival cannot offer feedback for the non-selection of a film.

Video Preview

We require a video preview of your work. This will be used during the selection process.

For performance or installation works, send a recording or video documentation.

The preview should be a direct URL link to a streaming platform – such as Vimeo or YouTube. We do not usually accept links to Dropbox or other sites where the video must be downloaded.

We will do our best to contact you if there is an error in playback or the submitted link fails to work. To avoid delay please test the link and password are correct before submitting.

Presenting Work

Selected works can be presented on most commonly used formats including digital file, DCP, Blu-Ray, 35mm, 16mm or Super 8.

The availability of some playback equipment is dependent on the screening venue and may need to be negotiated.

If your entry is selected for BFMAF 2022, the Festival will be in contact to request promotional and catalogue materials.

Entrants are responsible for their work’s transport to Berwick. To enable testing, the deadline for receiving the presentation version of your film is Monday 8 August 2022. If you have provided a physical copy of your film BFMAF will arrange the return shipment after the Festival has taken place.

Access / Captioning

BFMAF is working to ensure our programme is as accessible as possible. This year, we would like to provide the option of SDH captions (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing) for all of our Berwick New Cinema Award screenings. Selected filmmakers will be asked to provide existing materials which will aid the creation of SDH captions.

Festival attendance

Selected artists and filmmakers are encouraged to attend the 18th edition of the Festival. The Festival can provide a contribution towards travel and accommodation expenses.

Festival attendance will depend on travel restrictions as a result of Covid 19. Guest travel will be reviewed by the festival team on a regular basis and in consultation with participating filmmakers.

Cinema screenings are followed by a short Q&A session. Featured filmmakers who attend the Festival are requested to participate in the session following their screening. Other participating artists may be required to attend a public event to accompany their festival presentation.

Screening rooms

Successful entrants can choose whether their video preview is included on the Festival’s online screening room, a video library that is accessible to selected artists & professional guests for a short time after the Festival.

Data protection

Your contact details will only be used for direct contact between BFMAF and yourself and will not be shared with any third parties.

If your entry is selected for the Festival you can choose for your contact details to be added to the BFMAF 2022 delegates list.

If you have any other questions please read the FAQs or contact us at