Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival


A new season and a new approach. After 18 years BFMAF is moving to a new date, 3 – 5th March 2023. Find out more here.

To better understand the reasons behind this date change please read our Festival Statement




Frequently asked questions

When will I know if my film has been selected for the Festival?

You will receive an email by the end of July 2022 regarding the selection status of your entry.

If you do not receive any correspondence by this date please check your spam folder before contacting the festival team at

The Festival cannot offer feedback for the non-selection of a film.

What kind of work does Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival (BFMAF) present?

The best guide is our previous programmes! Consult the 2021 programme and catalogue to get a better sense of the Festival’s programming dynamics.

How does the selection process work?

Viewing and the selection process continues for some months after the final deadline for entries.

All submitted works are viewed by one member of the programming team. Highly rated entries are then viewed by further programmers. Final selection is decided by the Festival Director in discussion with the programming team. Though decisions are often intuitive, they consider subject matter, style and the length of work as well as questions raised on meaning, interpretation and urgency.

Why is there a fee for entries?

The Festival is a registered charity and money raised from the Call for Entries goes towards the administration, viewing and research time involved in programming the Festival. It also contributes towards travel and accommodation costs for participating artists and filmmakers.

If you cannot afford the entry fees, please get in touch at

Can I enter an incomplete work?

Yes, for example moving image works without a final sound edit or colour correction can be submitted. The Festival will request a finished version as necessary.

Can I enter my work even if it’s not a film?

BFMAF exhibits a range of presentation formats including; feature, midlength and short films, exhibitions/installations, performance and live events. Entries with a moving image component are prioritised. A video preview is required for entry and should provide a clear sense of the planned presentation. It may be link to a film, recording of a performance or documentation of an installation. It is your responsibility to provide relevant additional information that will assist the programming team.

What does the premiere status of my work mean?

It is important to inform the Festival of the premiere status your work will have if presented at BFMAF 2022. In stage two of the entry form you should select the most accurate premiere status. For example, if you have not presented the work publicly before and no presentation is planned prior to September 2022 then the premiere status at BFMAF will be world premiere.

See below for premiere status definitions:

  • World premiere – the work has not had a public presentation anywhere
  • World festival premiere – not had a public festival presentation anywhere (but may have been screened outside of a film festival context)
  • International premiere – not had a public presentation outside the country of production
  • European premiere – not had a public presentation in Europe (including the United Kingdom)
  • UK premiere – not had a public presentation in the United Kingdom
  • No premiere – Has no premiere status, i.e. has already been presented within the UK

How will I know that my entry has been received by the Festival?

You will receive two email notifications. An automatic email once you have submitted your film and a second email from PayPal once you have completed the entry fee. You can also check the status of your entry on your BFMAF portal page.

What happens if my work is selected?

You will receive an official invite from the Festival with information regarding the presentation format & print transport, as well as information about your attendance at the Festival.

Can I submit my film even though I entered it previously?

If your work still conforms to all the entry requirements outlined in the entry guidelines then you are very welcome to re-submit it for BFMAF 2022.

If you have any other questions please email: