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The Burr Library

The Burr Film Library contains stories made in and around Berwick

Local matters, day-to-day experiences, learning from the past and present, thinking of the future. Berwick residents & visitors can look through the menu and watch on demand while having a chat with volunteers. Have a cup of tea, and a giff-gaff!

For the 2024 festival, the library will be in a shop on Marygate.

The library will feature the following strands of film

  • Films made by artists commissioned in Berwick upon Tweed

  • Films of Northumbrian life

  • UK community-made video projects.

  • Independent film from across the North East

Partners: North East Film Archive, Northumberland Museums, London Community Video Archive, British Film Institute Archives, Amber & Side Films, Southern Uplands Project, Friends of Berwick and District Museums and Archives


We welcome any film submissions to the library!

Please fill out this entry form

The library is an going project, year-round it will pop up in community spaces in Berwick and host The Burr of Berwick events.