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A new season and a new approach. After 18 years BFMAF is moving to a new date, 3 – 5th March 2023. Find out more here.

Ahead of its 18th edition, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival has created four new job roles which will help shape the Festival. For further details on each role or to make an application, please visit our Opportunities page.




27 October 2022

New Opportunities at BFMAF

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival has created four new job roles which will help shape the Festival ahead of its 18th edition, 3-5 March 2023. This is an exciting time to join a Festival team which puts audiences, artists and filmmakers at the centre of what new cinema can be.
21 July 2022

A New Season: Renewing & Rewilding BFMAF

Since 2005, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (BFMAF) has taken place annually each September in England’s most northerly town, bringing visitors to North Northumberland and working year round with artists, filmmakers, local audiences and schools.
21 July 2022

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival is Changing!

After 18 years the annual Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival (BFMAF) is moving from its regular autumn slot to a new date, 3 – 5th March 2023. The Festival’s date change reflects a positive approach in a time of continued uncertainty.
21 July 2022

New Appointments

Following our date change announcement, we are delighted to welcome and introduce the new team members who will oversee the 18th Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival in 2023. Artists and researchers Dan Guthrie and Ilinca Vanau will bring new perspectives to the fore as this edition’s Programming Fellows.


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10 September – 12 September, 2021

Festival 2021

Festival 2021

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Since its founding in 2014, the Cambodian film production company Anti-Archive has emerged as a formidable platform through which the new generation of filmmakers in Cambodia can develop their artistic visions, realise ambitious productions and collaborate with others internationally.

Still from Sunrise in My Mind. Wideshot of a beauty salon in Cambodia. On the right, a Cambodian women wearing a mask is getting her hair washed in a basin by another Cambodian woman who is standing up. The customer is lying back with her hair in the basin and she's on her phone.

Berwick Young Filmmakers

Intended Ten: The Fate of The Middle Place is a collaborative film made by Berwick Young Filmmakers (a group of local 12–14 year olds). The film was produced over five days of workshops led by artist Kimberley O’Neill, which introduced the group to digital filmmaking and documentary techniques.

​In10ded Ten: The Fate of The Middle Place

Essential Cinema

Essential Cinema is our pluralist retrospective series that provides a revisionist view of what might be considered canonical works of cinema. The 2021 selection brings new restorations and digitisations that evoke connections between political and spiritual awakenings, taking in projects from India, Cuba, USA and Palestine.

The Void Project

New Cinema Awards

The Berwick New Cinema Competition becomes the Berwick New Cinema Awards—a non competitive prize that is shared between the filmmakers. The strand encompasses a selection of work that has most spoken to our group of programmers this year and includes what we feel is some of the most distinctive works of new cinema and artists’ moving image being made around the world today.

Wideshot. On the left, a rectangle photograph with the head of a senior Donald the Duck-esque cartoon wearing small glasses propped on its break. The background of the photo appears to be a golden brown field. This photo appears to be stuck on a glass wall, and the background is blurred with some white and purple objects.
Alternative Economies


Nguyễn Trinh Thi

Nguyễn Trinh Thi is one of Vietnam’s leading contemporary artists. Her moving image work engages with the ways in which memory, history and representation are part of broader structures of power, the legacies of colonialism and war, and the erasure of indigenous Vietnamese cultures.

Still from Fifth Cinema. The background is black, and in the centre near the bottom, there's small white letters with accents, words that aren't English. They read "'lẵn bộ tộc". Below this is the English translation "a tribal background" in small yellow writing. Above this writing, a young Vietnamese woman at 90 degrees counter clockwise. They're wearing roller skates, a blue and red sweater, and a green jumper tied around their waist.
Fifth Cinema

Online Exhibitions

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival’s 2021 Online Exhibitions take the place of its usual physical ones in Berwick. Here you’ll find places of radical world building, virtual spaces to gather and to contemplate.

Back Inside Ourselves


Propositions is the Festival’s hybrid of discussion and online screenings, interactive games and performances. The artists in this strand share discoveries encountered through their research, experience and practice.

Still from Hair Is A Piece of Body. The background is made up of forestry and outlines of hills. The subject is a white person wearing a white cardigan and pink skirt, although the rest of their outfit and body is cut off at the hip. Their side profile is facing the camera, and their dark hair is being swept by wind, blowing upwards. It appears they are standing on a hill or the edge of one.
Hair Is A Piece of Body


Rajee Samarasinghe

Rajee Samarasinghe’s body of work tackles contemporary sociopolitical conditions in Sri Lanka through the scope of his own identity and the deconstruction of ethnographic practices. BFMAF 2021 presents a series of Samarasinghe’s 12 short films shot over a decade—an archive of images navigating the terrain of migration, memory, and impermanence.

Still from Show Me Other Places. Shot of a forearm and hand reaching and grabbing someone else's wrist. The person grabbing the other person's wrist is wearing a watch. The background is a beige white.

SPS Community Media

BFMAF is pleased to present two recent films by SPS Community Media which provide a clarifying backdrop to urgent news stories such as the ongoing Farmer’s Protests in India, rooted in the experiences of individuals and families living in Madhya Pradesh, one of the most populous states in India.

Still from Hailstorm. Wide landscape shot of a golden white wheat field, on the left hand side, a young Indian boy, and in the middle, another young Indian boy. They're walking through the field. The background is trees and a dull blue sky.

Work in Progress

Returning for a second edition, Work in Progress is a Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival programme strand highlighting forthcoming feature-length films. For 2021’s Work in Progress, we will focus on Congolese director and visual artist Nelson Makengo’s Rising Up at Night (2022) his feature film debut currently in production.

Rising Up at Night: Work in Progress