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Thursday 7 March, 10:00 • Thursday 7 March, 13:30

A conversation and screening of animations by school children in Berwick and Tweedmouth alongside their inspiration, The Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) – Yuri Norstein’s acclaimed Soviet animation about friendship, fear, and an epic journey through the forest of life that would go on to influence filmmakers worldwide, including Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki.

All are welcome to pop in for this free screening at The Maltings!

Run Time

60 mins
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Thursday 7 March, 10:00

We invite you to visit a showcase of animations created by students from six schools in Berwick & Tweedmouth with locally based artists Robin Webb and Chloe Smith!

Library: Yrs 3+ 4 at Holy Trinity First School, Yr 4 at Berwick St Mary’s & Norham St Ceolwulf’s Church of England First Schools, Yr 4 at Tweedmouth West First School,

Visitor Centre: Yr 4 Tweedmouth Prior Park First School and Yr 8 at Tweedmouth Middle School (made in Yr 7).

Friday 8 March, 10:00

An open, drop-in conversation inviting responses to the Festival’s programme of films in relation to the complications of home – or hyem in Northumbrian dialect.

When even the most basic understanding of home as residence/shelter is not guaranteed, we open up this theme to an expansive conversation that asks: who has the right to a home? What underlies the commonplace idea of a home? Where does land figure in our perceptions of home?

Run Time

60 mins
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Saturday 9 March, 16:30

An informal conversation for critics, writers, and anyone interested in the sustainability of arts writing and publishing in various contexts. We invite Lesley Guy, Kate Liston (Corridor8) and Lyn Hagan (The Journal of Discarded Daydreams) to an open conversation considering how we respond to/reflect on the arts, and how the contexts that stifle might exist in tension with the contexts that nourish. What are the material and conceptual frameworks for sustainable arts publishing – and are these applicable to other mediums, forms and contexts?

Sunday 10 March, 10:00

An open, drop-in conversation inviting responses to the Festival’s programme of films considering what and who we feel responsible for, where a sense of duty lies, and whether this is individual or collectively shared?

With the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Regiment Association, who will be bringing their own converted cine film material, alongside the Northumberland Archives footage of border regiments.

Run Time

60 mins
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