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Alee Peoples

Alee Peoples maintains a varied artistic practice that involves screen-printing, sewing, sculpture and film. She is inspired by pedestrian histories, pop song lyrics and invested in the hand-made. Currently living in Los Angeles, she has taught youth classes at Echo Park Film Center and shown her work at artist-run spaces GAIT, elephant and Insert Press. Her films have screened at numerous festivals, museums and artist-spaces including SFMoMA, Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Pompidou Center, Dirt Palace and The Nightingale. And together with Mike Stoltz she organizes Arroyo Seco Cine Club, an experimental screening series in Hermon Park.


Hey Sweet Pea (2023), Standing Forward Full (2020), Decoy (2017), Spotlight On A Brick Wall [in collaboration with Mike Stoltz] (2016), If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You (2016), Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies (2015), Untitled (2014), Waxing and Milking (2014), Them Oracles (2012), The Root That Ate Roger Williams (2011), One New Message (2010), Boys of Summer (2009), Lonelyville (2009), Spread Eagle (2009), Crowning Glory (2008), Container (2008), David Buys An Ice Cream (2008), Three Chances (2007), Odd Fellows (2006)

Sunday 10 March, 15:30

A shopping list, a wildfire, the urban sprawl and a modern-day pirate. Soft collisions of memory and dream abound across films that trace the sometimes imperceptible impressions that capitalism leaves on our everyday lives.

Run Time

88 mins
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