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Chloë Delanghe

Chloë Delanghe (b.1991, Ostend) is a visual artist living and working in Brussels. Her work invites us to contemplate the mechanisms of the camera and the roles they play in (re)constructing and fictionalising memory and family. She studied at Luca School of Arts Brussels (BA) and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK Ghent (MA) and is currently a guest lecturer at KASK Ghent. Her work has been exhibited internationally including at The Grand Chelsea in New York, De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, TOKAS Hongo in Tokyo, Extracity Kunsthal in Antwerp, and ING Art Centre in Brussels, and screened at film festivals and art centres including EMAF in Osnabrück, Art Cinema OFFoff, CINEMATEK Brussels, Visions du Réel, and Courtisane.


Cuts (2023), VID-20200603-WA008.mp4 (2021), Minnebrieven / Love Letters (video installation) (2020), Magic, a portrait of Joris (video installation) (2018), Reasons to Be Cheerful (2016), Gestures (2012)

8 March 2024

BFMAF and artist-run, Brussels-based film and distribution platform elephy invite you to join them for a peer-to-peer roundtable conversation called “Talking Collectively”. Here, artists, filmmakers, arts collectives, producers, distributors, curators, and writers come together to share know-how, triumphs and trials in the field of moving image and visual arts. Register here and propose a question, concern, or talking point on development, creation and (co-)production, distribution and presentation, self-organisation and maintenance.

This event is made possible with the support of the (Re)Connect with the UK grant of Flanders Arts Institute/Kunstenpunt (BE).

Run Time

90 mins
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7 March 2024  •  Free Entry

An experimental horror film based on a series of paranormal events that took place in the early ’70s in Hexham, Northern England. In this modern-day folk tale, two brothers become terrorised by ghostly visions after bringing a pair of stone heads into their family home. Combining photographic documentation with personal archive material and dreamlike sequences, Hexham Heads reflects on the haunted nature of family photographs and domestic objects as vessels of trauma.


Run Time

34 mins


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