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Elise Florenty

Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky (1978, Bordeaux & Berlin) are an artist/film director duo based in Berlin and Paris. They’ve directed together several short and mid-length films exploring specific social-political situations through the prism of altered states of consciousness, delirium and ecstasy. Combining their interests in cinema and sonic anthropology, their films investigate the multiplicity of the self through a spiral of metamorphoses that interrogate our power relation—always shifting—to the ‘Other’ (‘the enemy, the plant, the animal, the spirit, the dead’). Their work has been presented at numerous international film festivals and art institutions including International Film Festival Rotterdam, FID Marseille, DocLisboa, CCCB Barcelona and Centre Pompidou (Paris). They have received the European Media Art Festival award for their film works The Sun Experiment (Ether Echoes) (2014) and Conversation with a Cactus (2017). Bom Dia Books recently published their first monograph entitled One Head Too Many.


Don’t Rush (2020), Back to 2069 (2019), Conversation with a Cactus (2017), Shadow-Machine (2016), The Sun Experiment (Ether Echoes) (2013–14), Delirium Ambulare (2012), A Short Organon for the Hero (2012), Holy Time in Eternity, Holy Eternity in Time (2011)

22 September 2019

Films by Leonor Noivo and Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

No human is an island. Two short films of grand vision—and great difference—follow their lone protagonists as they negotiate between inner and outer worlds. From the barren but hauntingly militaristic island of Lemnos to a verdant Portuguese forest, both humans rearrange fugitive blocks of cunning and experience to find their point of view.

Q&A with filmmakers Leonor Noivo, Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky

Run Time

85 mins
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