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Jessica Sarah Rinland


Ý Berá – Aguas de Luz (Bright Waters) (2016), Expression of the Sightless (2016), The Blind Labourer (2016), Necropsy of a Harbour Porpoise (Seeing From our Eyes into Theirs) (2015), Not As Old As The Trees (2014), Adeline For Leaves (2014), Description of a Struggle (2013), Electric Oil (2012), Nulepsy (2011), Nulepsy Attack (2009), The Big Fish Theory (2009), Darse Cuenta (2008), Fog (2008), The Laughing Man (2008), To Rock and To Cease (2008)

22 September 2018

Artist-filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland presents the world premiere of her film Black Pond, a film that explores the activity within a common land in the south of England. Previously occupied by the 17th century agrarian socialists The Diggers, the land is currently inhabited by a Natural History Society whose occupations include bat and moth trapping, mycology, tree measuring and botanical walks.

After two years of filming on the land, the footage was shown to the members of the Society. Their memories and responses were recorded and subsequently used as part of the film’s narration. The film does not offer a comprehensive record of the history of humans within the area. Instead, it explores more intimately, human’s relationship with and within land and nature.

Following the film, Rinland will dissect and expose materials related to the film, detailing content from a forthcoming publication related to the film. She will stage moments from the Society’s yearly town hall meetings, discuss historical maps and laws, letters of complaint and footage she shot in the same location years before her encounter with them.

Run Time

105 mins
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