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Lisa Spilliaert

Lisa Spilliaert (1990, Tokyo) lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. Her fascination for genealogy and the constant shifting between her cultural backgrounds are recurring motifs in her autobiographically inspired work. Before working in film, Spilliaert trained as a photographer at KASK School of Arts Gent. Her video debut Hotel Red Shoes (2013, a collaboration with her sister Clara Spilliaert) displayed her skills in translating the quality and strength of her photographic work to the moving image. Her second video work Growth Record 1 (2014) was the start of a conceptual series of yearly videos, steadily documenting the growth of a baby towards adulthood through photography and video. Spilliaert’s work has been screened at Image Forum Festival (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Yokohama), International Film Festival Rotterdam, Art Cinema OFFoff (Gent) and Beursschouwburg (Brussels).


N.P (2020), Growth Record 4 (2017), Growth Record 3 (2016), Growth Record 2 (2015), Growth Record 1 (2014), Hotel Red Shoes (2013)