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Renée Nader Messora

Renée Nader Messora (1979) graduated in Cinematography from the Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires. For 15 years, she worked as assistant director on several projects in Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. Whilst photography the short film Pohí, she got to know the Krahô people and has been working with the community ever since, contributing to the organisation of a young filmmakers collective. In 2018, her first feature film, The Dead and the Others (co-directed with João Salaviza) premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, receiving the Special Jury Prize – Un Certain Regard. The Buriti Flower is her second feature film, co-directed with João Salaviza and shot over a period of fifteen months in the Krahô Indigenous Land.


The Buriti Flower (2023), The Dead and the Others (2018), Russa (Producer/Screenwriter) (2018), High Cities of Bone (screenwriter) (2017)

Saturday 9 March, 20:00

An intimate, multifaceted portrait of the Krahô people indigenous to northeastern Brazil. Made in close collaboration with the community, The Buriti Flower sketches the rhythms, dreams and ways of being connecting families working to protect their land from the cyclical violence of encroaching settlements. Blending observational documentary and staged scenes, it depicts the flow of life on a continuum of ever-replenishing strength and resistance.


Run Time

124 mins


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