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Sara Gómez

Sara Gómez (1942 – 1974, Cuba) was a pioneering Cuban filmmaker. Born in Havana, Gómez studied literature, piano and Afro-Cuban ethnography and worked as a journalist before turning to filmmaking. In 1961 Gómez became the first woman to join the newly-formed Instituto de Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC). At the ICAIC she worked as an assistant director to filmmakers Jorge Fraga, Tomas Gutiérrez Alea and Agnès Varda. She made several short documentaries before directing her first feature film De Cierta Manera (One Way or Another) in 1974. Gómez’s work used documentary and fiction to represent the Afro-Cuban community and highlight the class, race and gender inequalities in revolutionary Cuba.


De cierta manera (1975), Sobre horas extras y trabajo voluntario (1973), Atencion prenatal; Año uno; Mi aporte (1972), Un documental a proposito del transito; De Bateyes (1971), Isla del tesoro; Poder local, poder popular (1970), Una isla para Miguel; En la otra isla (1968), Y tenemos sabor (1967), Guanabacoa: Crónica de mi familia (1966), Excursion a Vueltabajo (1965), Ire a Santiago (1964), Solar habanero (1962), Plaza Vieja; Fábrica de tabacos; El solar; Historia de la piratería; Solar habanero (1962)

Made by pioneering Cuban filmmaker Sara Gómez, One Way or Another is a bold work of revolutionary feminism and a compelling and complex picture of Cuban life under socialism. Radical in its honest and unflinching assessment of the difficulties of living in a newly formed socialist society, it astutely shows the struggles of marginalised communities adapting to revolutionary ideals, whilst casting a critical lens on the machismo, class and race discrimination that was still present in Castro’s post-revolutionary Cuba.

Run Time

73 mins
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12 September 2021

Watch One Way or Another (1977) Sara Gómez’s “bold work of revolutionary feminism” alongside Back Inside Herself (1984) by S. Pearl Sharp. Back Inside Herself is newly restored by Cinenova and will be accompanied by On the Inside a prose poem by London-based poet Sarah Lasoye.

The screening is a prelude to Cinenova’s The Work We Share – a programme of 10 newly digitised films from the Cinenova collection. All have been captioned by Collective Text and are accompanied by 10 new artist response commissions, which will tour the UK throughout 2021-22.

Run Time

107 mins
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