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Shambhavi Kaul

Shambhavi Kaul (b. 1973 in Jodhpur) is a filmmaker and editor living and working between India and the USA, where she teaches at Duke University.. Her works explore the cinematic construction of place and identity, conjuring uncanny, science-fictive non-places. She has exhibited her work worldwide including at Toronto International Film Festival, the Berlinale, New York Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Edinburgh International Film Festival, London Film Festival, and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. She has presented two solo shows at Jhaveri Contemporary in Mumbai, as well as exhibited her films at the MOMA in New York and Tate London.


Slow Shift (2023), Hijacked (2017), Safe Travels (2017) [moving image installation], Modes of Faltering (2016) [moving image installation], Fallen Objects (2015) [moving image installation], Night Noon (2014), Mount Song (2013), Loops and Captions (2013) [moving image installation], 21 Chitrakoot (2012), Place for Landing (2010), Scene 32 (2009)

Sunday 10 March, 17:30

Past and present infuse each other with strange energy across films that capture people and places at the borders of transformation. As the sun sets on ancient ruins a shutter opens and closes, and a light in the distance reflects on the glass of a soldier’s lonely watchtower.

Run Time

56 mins
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