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Still from Home Movies Gaza • Basma al-Sharif • 2013

Poem as Photon Returning to Audience

by Sarona Abuaker


In Focus: Basma al-Sharif Ouroboros Renée’s Room • Capital • Monelle We Began By Measuring Distance • The Story of Milk and Honey • Home Movies Gaza • Wawa

Poem as Photon Returning to Audience

Sarona Abuaker has been published in Berfrois, MAP Magazine, the 87press’ ‘Digital Poetics’ series, KOHL, Ludd Gang, Senna Hoy & other platforms. Her debut poetry collection, ‘Why so few women on the street at night’, published by the 87Press, is a queer phenomenology of collective Palestinian futurisms and memory building. She co-developed ‘Countless Palestinian Futures’ with Dr. Danah Abdulla, a game that aims to stimulate the imagination by helping people develop tangible outcomes and ideas around Palestinian futures.

Click here to read Sarona’s poetic response, Poem as Photon Returning to Audience After Basma Alsharif, Fady Joudeh, George Abraham, and Bhanu Kapil