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The Ebb and Flow of Music

by Yasmine Benabdallah


The Ebb and Flow of Music

Yasmine Benabdallah is a filmmaker and writer born and raised in Morocco. She studied Film and Mathematics at Columbia University for four years before moving to Paris to attend the Experimental Programme in Political Arts at Sciences Po (SPEAP). Through filmmaking, visual art, and writing, she explores stories around memory, identity, dance, heritage, diaspora, borders, archive, and rituals. Her films and installations have been shown in France, Egypt, the US, and Palestine, and she has participated as artist-in-residence in Morocco, France, Palestine and Tunisia. In 2016, she directed her first film, The Travel Curiosity, based on her father’s love for travelling. Other works include the short film Observational (2018) which explores images of surveillance; Ojalá: la vuelta al origen (2019), a feature documentary on the dance of the Palestinian diaspora of Santiago, Chile, and Its people, its sky, its scent (in production), a video installation on finding Chile in Palestine. She is currently working on Moussem Trans(e), a documentary on a Moroccan pilgrimage between religion, sorcery, and trans identities, as well as Chebba, a hybrid short about a Moroccan family and a protective ritual.