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22 Marygate

Located in the heart of the town, 22 Marygate is a retail unit nestled beside the Town Hall.

Thank you to Edwin Thompson for allowing us the use of their spaces for exhibition venues.


  • 22 Marygate is located a short 2 minute walk from The Maltings
  • Volunteers will be present during all opening hours
  • There are no toilets available at 22 Marygate
3 2023 – 5 March 2023  •  Free Entry

A quiet, atmospheric portrait of an elderly store owner in the small town of Yagi, Kyoto Prefecture. Yu Araki’s camera carefully observes the curiously named Mr. Yagi’s daily routine and interactions with local customers during the last autumn season for his shop, which is no longer in business. Documenting the passage of time in parallel with processes of depopulation, the title Tempo conjures a double meaning; playing on the Japanese word “tenpo (店舗)” which means “store”.



Run Time

20 mins
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