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Magdalene Fields Golf Club

Magdalene Fields is the first or last golf course in England depending on whether you are travelling north or south. Located approximately 0.6 miles (15 min walk) from the Town Centre.


  • Magdalene Fields Golf Club is a 15 minute walk from The Maltings.
  • Venue Staff will be present throughout event times.

TD15 1NE

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21 September 2019

Perennial BFMAF favourite DJ HTSHELL returns to spin global funky sounds: blistering hotwave, sloppy disco workouts, anarcho-house anthems and Soviet floor-fillers. Edinburgh’s all-female DJ collective, MISS WORLD bring their party to Berwick: a musical beauty pageant of all sounds and genres.

Run Time

240 mins
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20 September 2019

Matt & Jess from Glasgow’s venerable bookshop Good Press play a healthy smorgasbord of sugary musical confections for your ears. Rabz—programmer of Sunday screening Windrush Legacies and Experimental Forms—provides a mix of bass-heavy afro-diasporic electronic music with decidedly queer inflections, including Afro-House, Gqom, Ballroom, Jersey Club, Grime and UK Funky.

Run Time

240 mins
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