Visitor Centre

Berwick Visitor Centre can be found in the centre of town on Walkergate.

Thank you to Berwick Visitor Centre for allowing us the use of their spaces for exhibition venues.

3 – 5 March, 10:00 – 17:00  •  Free Entry

SCREENTIME brings together two commissioned short works made with artist Kimberley O’Neill and young filmmakers in Berwick. Through a series of online and in-person workshops, the filmmakers experimented with digital filmmaking and documentary techniques to produce films exploring the relationship between people, technology, and the local environment.

19 September 2019

Working with moving image collective Film Bee and experimenting with a sequence of Bernadette Mayer’s surrealist writing exercises, Berwick Youth Project have created an uncanny computer game character, an existentialist chicken piece from a 20 nugget share box. This lo-fi film reflects the group’s close reading of screencasts of popular video game intros uploaded to Youtube. The work will be available to view during the Festival at the Visitor Centre and on the BFMAF YouTube channel from Thursday 19 September.

Run Time

10 mins
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