Sepa: Our Lord of the Miracles

(Sepa: Nuestro Señor de los Milagros)

A rare UK screening of Walter Saxer’s little-seen documentary about an experimental open-air penal colony in the Peruvian Amazon described by inmates as the ‘green hell’. With echoes of the work of frequent-collaborator, Werner Herzog, Saxer’s film stands as the only in-depth public record of a controversial facility that existed between 1951-1993 as a dumping ground for both hardened criminals and political prisoners. The film’s restrained, observational approach gives rise to a surprising and complex meditation on forms of justice, liberty and rehabilitation.


Run Time

77 mins

After The Dust

(El polvo ya no nubla nuestros ojos)

A set of memories, a series of readings. After two hundred years as an independent nation, Peru has many forgotten struggles in different territories and from different times. Marking the country’s bicentennial anniversary, this super 8mm film brings together activists and families in a compilation of speeches from history’s B-side. A beautiful, stirring expression of liveness, agency, resistance, and the intergenerational obligation to renew and refresh our communal commitment to rights and democracy.


Run Time

25 mins