The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun

(La Petite Vendeuse de Soleil)

The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun follows Sili, a girl traversing Dakar’s many obstacles with her crutches. After starting to work as a newspaper vendor, she quickly runs afoul of territorial boys who see her as a competitor. Djibril Diop Mambéty’s final film is handled with gentle lightness and grace, providing incontrovertible evidence of his place not only as a master of African cinema, but as a pivotal figure in the history of cinema. —Herb Shellenberger

“Cinema was born in Africa, because the image itself was born in Africa. The instruments, yes, are European, but the creative necessity and rationale exist in our oral tradition. As I always tell the children, in order to make a film, you must only close your eyes and see the images. Open your eyes, and the film is there. I want these children to understand that Africa is a land of images, not only because images of African masks revolutionized art throughout the world but as a result, simply and paradoxically, of oral tradition. Oral tradition is a tradition of images. What is said is stronger than what is written; the word addresses itself to the imagination, not the ear. Imagination creates the image and the image creates cinema, so we are in direct lineage as cinema’s parents.” —Djibril Diop Mambéty in conversation with Nwachucwu Frank Ukadike, “Transition 78” n. 2, 1999

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Run Time

45 mins



Linguère Ramatou returns to Colobane, a once charming village now devastated by poverty, with fabulous wealth and a promise to save her people. But tied to this promise is a deadly bargain: the lover who had betrayed a 16-year-old, pregnant Linguère, must be executed. Hyenas is a cautionary tale packed with humorous, compassionate yet explosive scenes crafted by one of the masters of African cinema.

Run Time

113 mins

Non alignés (Fatim Diop)

(Non alignés (Fatim Diop))

In Non alignés (Fatim Diop), Froment films a dance by a member of Bharat Pehchane (The Example of India), a Senegalese dance troupe who have been instructed for two generations by Somnath Mukherjee originally from Calcutta.

Fatim Diop’s energetic, uninterrupted performance unfolds on the rooftop of the former court of law, with Gorée Island in the background and is captured with the smouldering intensity of twilight.


Run Time

6 mins