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In-Person screening

The Radio Rooms
10 February 2022, 19:00 – 20:41
Tickets £5 (or pay what you can on the door)
Adults 18+ only

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Date: 2022-08-19 08:45:56
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Set in 1994, as the police are clamping down on illegal raves, we follow two friends Johnno and Spanner, in a story of friendship, class and rave culture.

I first encountered Beats back in 2012, where it started life as a theater show. Written and performed by Kieran Hurley, the show, featuring a live DJ set, transported us back to 1994, to a time when the Criminal Justice Act outlawed raves with legislation that banned ‘public gatherings around amplified music wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.’

At a time when we’ve been unable to gather en masse, Beats is a reminder of the joy in coming together and in the power of music.-Chloë Smith


Brian Welsh

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United Kingdom

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101 mins

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Altitude Film Entertainment