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Lukas the Strange

In-Person screening

Maltings Main House
23 September 2018, 11:45 – 13:10

‘Lukas, in the middle of the film, the actress will pay a visit. You’ll fall in love with her. And you’ll understand your father. I’ll become your memory. I haven’t shown you the middle yet’. Thus begins John Torres’s latest dream of a documentary, a highly experimental, gloriously free-form coming-of-age story. Shortly after the arrival of a film crew that throws his tiny, usually quiet village into a frenzy of commotion, Lukas’s father, Mang Basilio, announces that he is a ‘tikbalang’, the half-horse, half-man of Filipino folklore. When Mang Basilio disappears, the awkward, baffled Lukas sets out on a journey of self-discovery that will include a ‘river of forgetting’, invisible voices and a hallucinatory blurring of reality and fantasy. Torres has already carved out an idiosyncratic niche for himself in the thriving world of documentary-fiction hybrids, and this is his most personal and expansive work to date. — Film Society of Lincoln Center

Q&A with filmmaker John Torres

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Lukas the Strange

Lukas the Strange is surreal, dreamlike and wonderfully bizarre. Reality and cinematic fiction blur when a film crew comes to young Lukas’ town. With a strange and often mythological narrative, where memories are traded for bodily scars and people can become statues, the film touches on personal identity, complicated familial relationships and the slippage of memory.

Q&A with filmmaker John Torres


John Torres

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