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Neither A nor not-A

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Date: 2022-09-29 11:36:16
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Neither A nor not-A

Like a meditation acting on thevery root of meaning, a Japanesepuppeteer dissects and describesthe alphabet to a cactus plant.To suspend language rather than toprovoke it, Neither A nor not-A sweepsalong apparitions and disappearances ofinstantaneous signs in which content isirretrievably dismissed, as if listening toa sound poem told by language itself.In doing so, artistic and scientific reenactments collide to question intelligence,or rather Chi-Sei, Japanese for “thecapacity to know”, of various non-beings ina territory where animist mechanisms maskexpanding politics of silence.Neither A nor not-A is a Festival Commission supported byresearch undertaken at AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz.


Elise & Marcel Florenty Türkowsky

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Elise & Marcel Florenty Türkowsky