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Opening Film: Sorrow and Joy

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Date: 2022-09-29 11:40:36
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Sorrow and Joy

Sorrow and Joy presents filmmaker Johannes and his wife Marianne in a series of flashbacks that lay out the intricacies of events leading up to and following the death of their infant daughter and the eventual institutionalisation of Marianne.

A deeply personal auto-biopic, Malmros confronts the limits of human laws and the infinite possibilities of love conquering all.

Nils Malmros is a Danish auteur and the
recipient of seven awards for Best Danish
Film from the association of Danish film
critics and Danish Film Academy. Though
fictional, Malmros’s films are often set

in his hometown of Århus and draw deeply
upon his own personal experience. 


Kærestesorger (Aching Hearts), 2009 

At kende sandheden (Facing the Truth),

Barbara, 1997 

Kærlighedens smerte (Pain of Love), 1992 

Skønheden og udyret (Beauty and the
Beast), 1983 

Kundskabens træ (Tree of Knowledge), 1981 

Drenge (Boys), 1977 

Lars Ole, 5c, 1973 


Nils Malmros

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