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A mother’s love for her baby

A mother’s love for her baby

Using a combination of 3D animation and experimental prose, A mother’s love for her baby explores the corruption and conditions endemic in the Magdalene Laundries and mother and baby homes run by the Catholic church in Ireland throughout the 20th century. Influenced by Saidiya Hartman’s concept of “critical fabulation” – the use of storytelling to fill the gaps left in historical records – the film advocates for a bottom-up form of historiography: centring historically marginalised voices of Irish women and critiquing the structures of power that (re)produce their dispossession.


Cat McClay Éiméar McClay


United Kingdom




World Premiere

Subtitle Language

Content Warnings

Blood / gore Mental health issues Mild physical violence Physical / emotional abuse

Primary Contact

Éiméar McClay


17 mins


Éiméar McClay Cat McClay

Art direction

Éiméar McClay Cat McClay

Sound design

Éiméar McClay Cat McClay


Éiméar McClay Cat McClay

Production designer

Éiméar McClay Cat McClay


Éiméar McClay Cat McClay