An intimate film made in collaboration with Parnell’s family, Cabbage looks at the complexities of bodily autonomy within an ableist paradigm. Taking place in the months leading up to an international move from Canada back home to Ireland – a country they had to leave a decade prior due to severe cuts in disability services – the film focuses on her brother’s writings using eye tracking technology and her mother’s memories to explore how we shape a sense of self under the pervasive weight of unspoken assumptions and fixed definitions that get placed onto bodies. Dissecting layers of language, agency and power, the film is a subtle examination of how a human life is measured and valued.

Director Biography

Holly Márie Parnell is an Irish/Canadian artist based between Glasgow and Wexford. Working across moving image and expanded cinema, her practice explores the ways we impart meaning and value through layers of authority and language. Taking a documentary approach, the work is built from personal encounters and is motivated by the subtle yet powerful truths of embodied knowledge and lived experience. Her work has been exhibited and performed across the UK and abroad, with recent projects at Cell Project Space, Humber Gallery, B3 Biennial, Jupiter Woods and will be touring nationally and internationally with aemi’s upcoming 2023 programme Súitú. She is a recent alumnus of Film London’s FLAMIN Fellowship, and an MFA graduate of the Slade.

Director Filmography

Cabbage (2022) Stare (2019) Interlude (2019) Desktop Compositions (2014-ongoing)

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UK Premiere


Holly Márie Parnell


Canada Ireland United Kingdom

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Holly Márie Parnell

Executive producer

Flamin Aemi