Everyday Apocalypse

Everyday Apocalypse is a new short film made by four local young people, developed in collaboration with artist Kimberley O’Neill, exploring our shared experiences of lockdown. Over a three week period in August, the group met via Zoom to share stories and develop the film. Through a series of online workshops, the young people were introduced to lo-fi mobile-phone filmmaking techniques and used writing exercises to generate ideas—expanding their personal quarantine anecdotes into subjects and locations for the film.

The stories shared by the group had some similarities; normal daily rhythms disrupted and replaced by strange new dimensions in the everyday. Familiar territories of the woods, beaches and parks became liminal spaces to escape into. Being restricted for this 5 month period opened up portals between our home environments and imaginations.

The final film combines footage and sound recorded individually by the young people in each of their lockdown locations. This material has been edited together by O’Neill whilst reflecting on the conversations and themes of the workshops. The final film has taken influence from horror and fantasy genres, to capture the uncanny atmosphere of the landscapes the young people have explored during the pandemic.