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Golden Slumbers

Golden Slumbers is a feature documentary on the legacy and contemporary traces of the “golden age” of Cambodian cinema which emerged from the 1960s and into the 1970s. During this period, several hundred feature films were produced and exhibited in cinemas across the country, and even in some cases internationally. But the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror from 1975 to 1979—which resulted in the deaths of over 3 million Cambodians—also put a halt to this flourishing national cinema. Director Davy Chou reckons with this loss of life and culture through finding remnants of this cinematic past among rogue photos, still-existing soundtrack music, traces of film studios in the land and most of all in the memories of the few who survived, among them actors, directors and cinema-lovers.


Davy Chou


Cambodia France



Dialogue Languages

French Khmer

Subtitle Language

Primary Contact

Melen Bouëtard


96 mins


Daniel Mattes


Icarus Films

Production company


Distribution (Film Festivals)

Melen Bouëtard