In an exuberantly contemporary take on the French New Wave, two students and a younger brother embark on a journey to find a dying mythical folk rocker.

Their simple trip to find a childhood idol soon becomes an odyssey across Mexico City’s invisible frontiers.

Built upon a cascade of cinematic and pop culture nods that slyly double back on one
another, Güeros is a sumptuously witty debut that’s drawn plaudits for its effortless skewering of indie film sensibilities. Mocking the type of filmmaking that uses poverty as a shortcut to legitimacy, it indulges in a moody, black-and-white aesthetic, speaking to the timelessness of teenage rebellion.

Director Filmography

El último canto del pájaro Cú, 2010 Expedición 1808, 2009 Café Paraíso, 2008 Fonda Susilla,2006

Production Year



Alonso Ruiz Palacios