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I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead

Developed with American poets CAConrad and Eileen Myles on the eve of the 45th presidential inauguration in February 2017, I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead is shot throughout the following year in America and Western Europe, with reference to mass refugee migration across the Mediterranean, the Grenfell Fire in London, and the consequences of political upheaval and war. Yet the film is also a deeply intimate work featuring seemingly-benign images of Gibson’s daily life. Seeking out the power of ritual, and casting the poet as prophet fit to navigate a different path through times of perilous authority, Gibson’s film proposes a way of moving through chaos with intimacy and empathy. I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead features a soundtrack by Laurence Crane and Pauline Oliveros.

I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead is a KW Production Series co-commission with Camden Arts Centre (London), Bergen Kunsthall (Bergen) and Mercer Union (Toronto)


Beatrice Gibson


Italy United Kingdom United States




European Premiere

Primary Contact

Beatrice Gibson


21 mins