Is it a knife because…

A film made at home; an uncompromising look at ways in which parenthood and the process of filmmaking crush into each other. Through a collection of family videos, the film challenges the dynamics of agency that children and grown-ups have over their images. Different forms of entangled love and violence are rendered visible and audible within the household setting in an honest attempt to understand where light comes from — and all the while, the police are outside the window.

Director Biographies

Sirah and Eitan (both °1983, Tel Aviv) live and work in Brussels, collaborating in the audiovisual field. Their practice focuses on the potentialities of image economies – moving or still – the relations between spectatorship and history; and the temporality of narratives and memory. They teach an MA in video at ERG, Brussels, and are part of the artist-run collective, Messidor. Their works have screened at film festivals including IDFA; Rotterdam Film Festival; Courtisane; and New Horizons. They have exhibited in solo exhibitions at Kunsthalle Basel and Argos, and in group exhibitions in STUK; EMAF and The Petah-Tikva Museum for Contemporary Arts. They have been presented as featured artists at the 59th Flaherty Film Seminar, and Doc’s kingdom and have participated in artists talks and presentations in institutions such as FLACC, Genk, LUCA BFA class, Brussels, L’erg BFA class, Brussels, DocNomads and SIC.

Director Filmographies

Printed Matter (2011), Journal (2013), NDS (2015), Orientation (2015), Miroir Séb Fragile ! (2017), The Magic Mountain (2020), Meeting a Flower Halfway (2021)

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Eitan Efrat Sirah Brutmann Sirah Foighel Brutmann



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French Hebrew

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Sirah Foighel Brutmann