(Camarera de Piso)

Celebrated Argentinian filmmaker Lucrecia Martel explores themes of class, labour and gender violence through the story of a woman who applies for a job as a maid, haunted by an unspecified family trauma. Inspired by forms of contemporary dance, the film probes a kind of audio-visual choreography, focusing on the continuous movement of the body in space and the disruptions that occur offscreen and in the interplay between linear and nonlinear time.

Director Biography

Lucrecia Martel’s rich and concise body of work has gained worldwide recognition and acclaim since her debut feature, La Ciénaga, in 2001. Born in Salta, in Northwest Argentina, Martel studied film in Buenos Aires and began her career making intimate, elliptical dramas that broke from the aesthetic and ideological tendencies of the prevailing “New Argentine Cinema”. A singular artist, Martel combines a formal mastery—particularly through her attention to sound design—with a sensibility entirely her own, defined by atmosphere, mystery, and caustic humour alongside provocative critiques of class, gender and patriarchy in Argentine society.

Director Filmography

Zama (2017), La Mujer Sin Cabeza (2008), La Niña Santa (2004), La Ciénaga (2001)

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UK Premiere


Lucrecia Martel


Argentina Mexico

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Eliana Tujschinaider


Eliana Tujschinaider