Maputo Nakuzandza

Translating as “Maputo, I Love You”, Brazilian filmmaker Ariadine Zampaulo’s hybrid cine-poem stiches together elements of documentary, fabulation, performance, and soundscape to produce a polyphonic portrait of Mozambique’s capital city. Her camera beautifully captures the flow and rhythms of urban life unfolding over the course of a single day: Revellers spill from nightclubs as workers board commuter trains; tourists and joggers vie for position in the city’s ancient streets; and a local radio station announces the disappearance of a bride.

Director Biography

Ariadine Zampaulo holds a bachelor’s degree in cinema and the audiovisual from Universidade Federal Fluminense. She studied and worked in Maputo, where she made, in collaboration with Mozambican actors, her first film, “Maputo Nakuzandza” (2021), shown at festivals such as the 25th Mostra de Tiradentes and 33rd FIDMarseille. She works in partnership with Mozambican artists and also collaborates with film and audiovisual producers in Brazil.

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Maputo Nakuzandza (2021)

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UK Premiere


Ariadine Zampaulo


Brazil Mozambique

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Bruna Epiphanio

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Bruna Epiphanio