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Neither A nor not-A

Like a meditation acting on the
very root of meaning, a Japanese
puppeteer dissects and describes
the alphabet to a cactus plant.
To suspend language rather than to
provoke it, Neither A nor not-A sweeps
along apparitions and disappearances of
instantaneous signs in which content is
irretrievably dismissed, as if listening to
a sound poem told by language itself.
In doing so, artistic and scientific reenactments collide to question intelligence,
or rather Chi-Sei, Japanese for “the
capacity to know”, of various non-beings in
a territory where animist mechanisms mask
expanding politics of silence.
Neither A nor not-A is a Festival Commission supported by
research undertaken at AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz.


Elise & Marcel Florenty Türkowsky





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Elise & Marcel Florenty Türkowsky