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Seasons End: Out of Body

Seasons End: Out of Body captures and extends Tamara Henderson’s multi-part exhibition and body of work ‘Seasons End’, which has transformed over the last several years in Glasgow, Los Angeles, Oakville, Ontario and London. Henderson’s work holistically combines media and forms, becoming a cross-contamination of painting, sculpture, costumes, choreography, film and installation. It’s impossible to separate any of the parts, as each is dependent upon the others in creating the universe that her work builds and invites viewers to inhabit.

But that’s what makes Henderson’s films—Seasons End: Out of Body in particular—such perfect expressions of her multifaceted practice: through montage, shifts in perspective and over a duration of time, they can effectively shift the viewer’s focus, create startling and ambiguous resonances, and even transport one’s mind and body in ways not possible through other media. Making concrete the connections between objects in nature and her beautifully outlandish costumes, or condensing massive shifts in time, geography and perspective, Seasons End: Out of Body becomes at once a document of the artist’s exhibitions, performances, travels and process, as well as a beguiling and confounding construction of image, sound and motion. —Herb Shellenberger


Tamara Henderson


Canada United Kingdom




World Festival Premiere

Primary Contact

Tamara Henderson


26 mins