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Seven Songs from the Tundra

Seitsemän laulua tundralta

An anthology of stories made collaboratively with the Nenets, an indigenous nomadic people of the Russian tundra under modern Communist rule. Beautifully composed from both archive material and cinematography, the film blends fiction and documentary to produce a vivid portrait of Nenets culture as told and performed by the people themselves. As the first feature film made in the Nenets language, Seven Songs makes an important contribution to contemporary indigenous cinema and a timely intervention into continuing calls for decolonization in Russia.


Anastasia Lapsui Markku Lehmuskallio






New Film Restoration

Dialogue Languages

Nenets Russian

Subtitle Language

Content Warnings

Animal Sacrifice Blood / gore Mild physical violence

Primary Contact

Jenni Domingo


89 mins

Distribution (Film Festivals)

Jenni Domingo