Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise concludes a number of projects related to the surviving videotapes of schwimmen – an early 1990s teenage experimental industrial/noise band from the (then-Soviet) city of Novosibirsk. The film creates a dialogue between the established archival record and the slippery poetics of an esoteric culture that inherently resists attempts to be (re)represented or deconstructed – celebrating the grand utopian impulses of marginal artistic practices and forms of life lived otherwise.

Director Biography

Sid Iandovka and Anya Tsyrlina (both born in Novosibirsk, USSR) are an artist-duo whose practice extends across many different media, predominantly moving images. Though only selected works of theirs are co-authored in a traditional sense, as both have distinct interests and aesthetics, they have collaborated, on and off, for over twenty years – ultimately creating a joint, entirely independent, “homemade” production approach for their films. Their working methods are not products of any educational/professional institutions and their practice is not rooted in any state; it is immaterial and doesn’t benefit from any national/international funding, resources, or structures. The artists prefer for their own histories and words to remain in the background… – Herb Shellenberger

Director Filmography

mysteries (2021), meteor (2021), live the live u love (2021), all other things equal (2021), escape goat (2020), a minor piece of damage (2020), 193 octillion (2020), horizōn (2019), phenomenon (2019), horizōn (2019)

Production Year



World Festival Premiere


Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka


Switzerland USSR

Dialogue Language


Content Warning

Flashing lights/ strobe effects

Primary Contact

Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka