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Terminal USA

Funny, gross and outrageously over-the-top, Jon Moritsugu’s cult classic is a maximally irreverent slice of early 90s punk culture satirising representations of the Japanese-American family unit. Newly restored from eyeball-scorching Panavision, this is Moritsugu’s Asian freak-out magnum opus that shocked America when it was broadcast on television in the mid-90’s. The director himself plays twins (a drug-dealing bad-ass and a closeted math nerd) in a radically dysfunctional family that completely obliterates the noble myth of the “model minority”.


Jon Moritsugu


United States




New Film Restoration

Dialogue Language


Content Warnings

Blood / gore Drug use Mild nudity Mild sexual references Needles Strong language / swearing Strong physical violence Suicide / self-harm

Primary Contact

Bret Berg

Distribution (Worldwide)

Bret Berg American Genre Film Archive