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Berwick New Cinema

Presenting the very best in artists’ moving image and new filmmaking, the Berwick New Cinema competition features resolutely contemporary films that transgress restraints of genre, capital and expectation.

The Berwick New Cinema Competition features resolutely contemporary films that transgress restraints of genre, capital and expectation.

The jury will present a trophy designed by Glasgow-based ceramicist Mariella Verkerk and a £1000 cash prize supported by Outset Scotland.

The 2018 Berwick New Cinema competition was researched and selected by Festival Director Peter Taylor, Associate Programmers Letitia Calin, Ben Pointeker and Herb Shellenberger, Programme Assistant Hamish Young and 2018 BFMAF Programming Fellow Becca Voelcker.

23 September 2018

Translation, transformation and transition: the final 2018 Berwick New Cinema competition programme focuses on shifting perspectives, the tension between the real and the virtual, and the relationship between mental and physical landscapes.

Q&A with filmmakers Tako Taal & Callum Hill.

Run Time

59 mins
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21 September 2018

I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member. That includes Chauvin-ists; children who disturb corpses; frightened men living in a matriarchal society; or a film crew consisting of a slime robot, talking mandrill and lesbian couple whose relationship crumbles under the glow of bisexual lighting.

Q&A with filmmakers Hardeep Pandhal & Benjamin Crotty

Run Time

88 mins
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22 September 2018

Glittering and shimmering moments: the tender touch of your child; the lumbering gait of a dancer dressed in an improbable costume; the luxury of a well-earned day off work. These glances, snapshots and memories are bound together in films alternating between the mundane and fantastic.

Q&A with filmmaker Beatrice Gibson

Run Time

71 mins
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20 September 2018

Shine bright. Portraits of a nomadic musician and an animatedly-perverse single father butt up against a simulacrum of the Middle East and a tactile inquiry into the natural world. Taken together, expressions of personal, political, spiritual, mystical and sexual agency provide powerful statements of either resistance to or complicity in an increasingly commodified world.

Run Time

77 mins
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