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Amma Ariyan (Report to Mother)

11 September 2021

Run Time

115 mins

Amma Ariyan (Report to Mother)

A young cultural activist Purushan (Joy Mathew) is on his way to Delhi when he sees the dead body of Hari, a tabla player and Naxalite. Purushan begins a long journey to inform Hari’s mother of her son’s death, collecting comrades and perspectives on the struggle along his journey.

The screening in Berwick-upon-Tweed will be introduced by Dr. Omar Ahmed, film scholar & international curator of South Asian Cinema.

Recently restored, we are grateful to the National Film Archive of India for their generosity in allowing us to present John Abraham’s film. Unfortunately, it is not available online at this time.






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Prakash Magdum

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Prakash Magdum