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Blackest Sea / Falling Sky

21 September 2017

Run Time

10 mins

Verily! the Blackest Sea, the Falling Sky

“The Blackest Sea has a sweet poetry about its movement, with a very emotive and dramatic soundtrack, but as it develops through the various themes, I want it to feel strongly connected to current issues that we are dealing with today—the viability of the oceans, the man-made dilemmas of climate and the migrants who have cast their fate upon unforgiving waters. The sea in its unending flow and uncontrollable force is the subject of The Blackest Sea, and that trope is transposed in The Falling Sky to the wind and sky, the airwaves and the man-made data flow, the invisible force field that surrounds us when we work and we carry along in our handbags and coat pockets. The lyricism between the above and below, sky and sea becomes clear.”

—Peggy Ahwesh






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Peggy Ahwesh