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5 March 2023

Run Time

37 mins
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Followed by a Q&A with Alastair Cole and members of the production


From the beginning of 2021, as the UK continued to confront the Covid pandemic, staff working in one North East England care home were invited to film their everyday lives. Care leads us through the ups and downs of life in the home over 12 months through the eyes, words, and newly learnt camera skills of those working and living there. As residents celebrate their own milestones, from 100th birthdays to winning at bingo and enjoy Christmas parties and VE Day, the film gives a joyful, challenging, and emotional insight into life, love and loss inside the home during and beyond the worst days of the pandemic.

This is a special work in progress preview screening presented in association with Newcastle University. It will be followed by a Q&A with the director and members of the care home filmmaking team.






36 mins


Karen Ross Andrew Newman Lucy Jolly Alastair Cole