Cave Exits

23 September 2015

Run Time

30 mins
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Cave Exits

In video games, there is the concept of a dungeon that generates itself – an endlessly mutating death labyrinth. Burr sets this living structure inside a 4-channel video cube. Cave Exits is a Tarkovsky-inspired multimedia narrative that recalls the way we interact with online media – clicking, zooming, scrolling – turning the visual archetype of the labyrinth into a circuit board for our lost, anxious feelings.

With simple shifts in perspective, the claustrophobic corridors become a dazzling pattern of complex artistry. Unable to process all incoming information in a single sitting, viewers are forced to choose between screens. Unlike choosing between branches in a narrative where the peripheral is an explicit set of controls, here the peripheral is the human neck and eyes, allowing for expression beyond mere hardware.

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Primary Contact

Peter Burr