Entrance Exam

12 September 2021

Run Time

80 mins
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Entrance Exam

(एंट्रेंस इग्जाम)

In a village in central India, dedicated school teachers put their heart and soul into preparing a group of children for an entrance exam for a Government-run “School of Excellence.” Entrance Exam explores the stakes of the opportunities afforded by this continued, subsidised education for underprivileged children, as well as the many layers of struggle in this intense and surprising journey. —Jemma Desai

Director Biography

Aditya Verma is a recent graduate from School of Design, Doon University, Dehradun. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and has always taken a keen interest in visual storytelling, photography and documentary filmmaking. Entrance Exam is his second documentary film. He also enjoys working in the medium of animation, and his animation music video Katchyuk my Love was recently published in The Hindu and won the Best Music Award in Dada Saheb Phalke Film festival 2021.

Director Filmography

Entrance Exam (2020), Katchyuk my Love (2020)

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Pradeep Lekhwar


Pinky Brahma Choudhury

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Pradeep Lekhwar