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Feast: Work in Progress

In Feast, perpetrators, victims and their onlookers get entangled in a dramatic reconstruction of the Groningen HIV case, the story of three men who drugged other men during a series of sex parties and then injected them with their own HIV-infected blood.

The source text of the film is Plato’s Symposium, which depicts a banquet attended by a group of notable men. During this gathering, seven of the attendees engage in a playful contest in which they try to find the most convincing definition of Eros, or truth, or beauty, or love.

Feast is the result of the collision of these two narratives, which initially appear to be each other’s antitheses, culminating in a story about power and submission, the reversibility of the truth and the desire to come home.

The film is told in seven sequences, recorded by seven different directors of photography, and in which documentary and fiction strategies both merge unnoticed and clash dramatically. —Tim Leyendekker





Primary Contact

Tim Leyendekker

The Healers

The Healers is a deconstructive reconstruction of a memory set amongst Rotterdam’s 1990’s nightlife. A party scene is presented in a triptych: the thrills of the night, the location, the date. Layers that might merge and form a cinematographic entity are stripped bare and served separately, testing and provoking the boundaries of the constructed narrative.