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Lionel Soukaz: Militant Desire

21 September 2019

Run Time

69 mins

Royal Opera, 1979, France, 24 mins
The fourth and final section of Soukaz’s feature-length essay on the history of modern homosexuality (Race d’Ep), Royal Opera finds his collaborator Hocquenghem protagonist of a story taking place in present-day, both in a gay bar and out on the streets of Paris.

IXE, 1980, France, 45 mins
The title of Soukaz’s controversial film IXE could be under- stood multiply as the French pronunciation of the letter X; the X rating of a pornographic or otherwise objectionable film; or a violent shout: “EEKS!”. IXE is a reaction to Race d’Ep’s censorship in which Soukaz pushes extremes in all directions.

Royal Opera

Part 4 of Lionel Soukaz’s feature Race d’Ep (1979).






“Ixe (written X and pronounced EEKS – as it is pronounced in French – like a scream, a wound) is an imploded, crucified film. X is drawn and quartered. At the four points of the compass, at the four ends of the cross, War, Sex, Religion and Drugs.” —Guy Hocquenghem