21 September 2017

Run Time

11 mins
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Surface tensions recur in O’Malley’s sculpture and drawings, evident through a haptic, agitated quality to edges and appearances. She is drawn to materials that display traces of their own making, labouring the surfaces of polished wood and graphite to the point of distraction. Shape is a video work in which O’Malley feigns the role of choreographer.

Shape is a video work in which O’Malley feigns the role of choreographer. Flat abstract shapes enter the frame and move calmly across a grey plane. Occasionally lines and curves settle into what appear to be deliberate arrangements. These allusive compositions shift onwards, inevitably swallowed by some barely discernible rhythmic drift. This transient image-making is possible due to surface tension in the molecular space where sky meets water.

In the production of images there are different kinds of distances travelled; sometimes it’s a form chosen, observed and recorded, sometimes images are conjured and composed with no disclosure of source or subject. In shape the choreography may be feigned, but O’Malley is interested in its visibility, how the process of scrutiny and selection can be observed and marked. Her video works deliberately present the document of the film as subjective and delimited. They play with the idea of ‘making meaning’ by giving attention.

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Niamh O'Malley