Vampir – Cuadecuc

25 September 2015

Run Time

75 mins

Vampir – Cuadecuc

Vampir – Cuadecuc is a work of pure alchemy. Pere Portabella creates a ravishing masterpiece shot on the set of Jesús Franco and Christopher Lee’s Count Dracula.

With high contrast dissolution and decay, Vampir – Cuadecuc pays homage to the classics of the likes of Nosferatu by transforming perhaps one of the worst horror films of all time into what critic Jonathan Rosenbaum describes as one of the most beautiful films ever made. Vampir – Cuadecuc is also key in understanding transitions in Spain from the period of ‘new cinema’ (permitted by the Franco government) towards illegal, clandestine or openly antagonistic practices against the Franco regime.

Director Biography

Pere Portabella is a veteran Catalan director, politician and producer whose work spans five decades and both narrative and avant-garde cinema. Hailed as an essential figure in the political and cultural history of Spain in addition to his own multi-award winning films, Portabella’s achievements include producing collaborations with Joan Miró and Buñuel’s 1961 Palme d’Or winner Viridiana.

Director Filmography

Mudanza, 2010

The Silence Before Bach, 2007

Nocturne 29, 1968

The Moment of Truth, 1965

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Pere Portabella