Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2020


Thank you for joining us for the 16th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival! We would love to hear about your festival experience – please fill in our audience survey here. Don’t forget that event recordings, essays and podcasts will remain accessible on our website. Thanks to all viewers, guests and artists who contributed in making this a truly lively, communal film experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the 17th edition in 2021!


Accessible Cinema

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival is working to provide as much access to our programme as possible.

Access measures at BFMAF 2020 include:

To make the Festival more accessible for Deaf and hard of hearing audiences, SDH/ Captions for the deaf and hard of hearing are available for the following programmes and screenings:

All films in the Berwick New Cinema Competition
Fi Dem III by Zinzi Minott (Propositions)
Daddy’s Boy by Renèe Helena Browne (Propositions)
Roundtable Conversation by Kat Anderson (Propositions)
John by Kat Anderson (Propositions)

Subtitles are available for the majority of the rest of the programme. Please see individual titles for your guidance.

All of our films contain content notes to help indicate any potential distressing subject matter for audiences.

Transcripts will be available for all podcasts – these can be found on the podcast pages.

All live discussions will be recorded and available with subtitles on our website shortly after the event.

A large print version of our catalogue is available here.

A text only version of our catalogue is available here.

Ticket prices for the Festival have been flattened to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the programme.

If you have any queries regarding accessibility please do not hesitate to contact