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Day Eve Komet

Eve M Komet is an artist, writer, poet, performer, designer as well as an experimental space maker from London that now resides in liminal space. Their current energy consists in expanding their brainchild An intergalactic universe, which jumps and explores rabbit holes into other dimensions. They create worlds within worlds and use a variety of personas to engage with the absurd reality of human life and the multiplicity of being. Dreams are as sincere as reality so they place surrealism, colour and fervour as vital tools for the worlds they shape and imagine.

When we are amongst our own our labels disappear. We become more than we usually are. We can finally get closer to ourselves, shedding a layer of unwanted eyes. This moment of real home amongst family is presented in a virtual tour around the 3D rendered city “FAM”. The city fam has been made as a tribute to the work of 3 artists: Shenece Oretha, Ebun Sodipo and Day Eve.

Like this space their works have held more than can be spoken, and have given rise for spaces like this to be conceived. Tread respectfully. —Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Run Time

6 mins
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